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Welcome to Nor'Easter Yachts, fiberglass composites

Some of our projects

Architectural Fountain Pond


Utilizing our Brother Mike's wood expertise at the Monroe Boat Shop, 203-209-1729, he created a wooden plug fro which we made this fountain base for a local architectural company.  Undergoing testing.

Wood Stove Air Manifold


Cadded up a replacement for the steel manifold which was totally destroyed by the high heat in my girlfriend's wood stove.  Made of 1/8" stainless.

1.5 KW Solar Array


Brackets cut from 3/16" aluminum by plasma, for this rack holding 10 150 watt panels.

Roll Stabilization Fins


Our bread and butter. These fins incorporate products from our fiberglass operations,  filament winding operations, and often Plasma cut parts. Range in size from 4.5 square feet to 5.84 square meters. Weight can get up to 3,000 pounds apiece. We build these for a local company that builds the actuators, hydraulic power packs, and computer control systems, and handles sending these parts around the world.

From a DXF File


Here we are sent a DXF file of the needed part.  Clean up the file, we don't need dimensions, etc., and run it through our sheetcam program to generate the machine code, and voila!

To Final Steel Part


Not as clean as laser, but then again, not as costly.