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Working in Metal

A little history

Most of our metal working capabilities originated in machines  bought for our personal projects.  Being wood heaters, and processing free wood, which is often pretty challenging, we have accumulated various skid steers, splitters and conveyors to help us in processing wood. Once you get a skid steer or track steer, you need to add accessories.  So we have built things like upside down splitters to split big logs down to a size we can pick up,  grapples, receivers for moving trailers or equipment around, etc. 

In the natural progression of things, some of these capabilities have worked their way into our company production on a regular basis.

We enjoy these challenges, and are happy to help you enjoy yours.


Metal Working Capabilities

CNC 48"x96" Plasma Table


The plasma table allows for the easy transferring of drawing to metal. We generally cut at 60 amps with 1/4" A36. Aluminum and stainless cut well too, although we do not stock that material.

Our Thermal Dynamics A120 can cut 1/2", but starting to work.

Metal Bending


The 100 ton press has capability to bend 3/8" mild steel 37" in length

Light Duty Welding


Non critical welding is a cinch with our MIG welder.  All internal grounding studs in the fins we build are welded prior to assembly to insure minimal galvanic issues. Complex or critical welding can be performed by Thommen Welding of Bridgeport, CT

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Basic drilling and Milling


Our venerable Bridgeport Machine takes care of the odd drilling or machining requirement that may crop up.