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Offering spray-up with airless Venus Gusmer Spray Equipment, to traditional hand layup of your project

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Utilizing an x-Navy filament winder for filament winding,  our CNC plasma cutting table for accurate metal cutting, and our 100 ton press.

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Mission Statement


We are a small 40 year old shop of three with a combined experience of over 100 years.  As such, our strength lies in limited production and one-off projects .  Large scale projects or production runs are better suited to larger shops.

Much of our equipment was originally acquired for our personal projects, but has proved to become part of meeting our customers' fabrication needs.  We have tackled one-off projects from  drone helicopter launching tubes for the Naval Research Laboratory, to a 23" diameter epoxy/fiberglass tube for test equipment for the National Cyclotron Laboratory. We have had excellent experiences in working with our customers and their production needs.

No project is too small, however. We enjoy the small projects as much as larger ones. Customer satisfaction is always top priority, both in the end product, and meeting the timeline.

As another service, we sell material to local DIYers, bring your own containers, and are happy to help out with any advice. You are welcome to grab scraps for free from our fiberglass scrap bucket. That is often all the glass you will need for smaller projects.  Check our fiberglass page for a description of some of the products available.

Nor'Easter Yachts, 29 Roselle Street, Milford, CT

Nor'Easter Yachts, 29 Roselle Street, Milford, CT

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Email is the surest way to contact. We often don't hear the phone.

We are always interested to hear about your fiberglass composites or filament winding projects, so feel free to call or visit during normal business hours.

Nor'Easter Yachts Inc

29 Roselle St, Milford, Connecticut 06461, United Statesl

(203) 877-4339


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