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Nor'Easter Yachts - Milford CT        Nor' Easter Yachts has a plethora of cool and massive machines to give us the freedom to fabricate, improvise, and mass produce as needed. The demands of custom and experimental production mean we think on our feet to produce a part that can perform the work required. Let's take a quick look at what we've got to play with when we build a product for your custom project:

       Our main medium - it's easy to work with, smooth and seamless wherever it needs to be, tough as steel with a little reinforcement, light as a feather when weight is an issue, and we can mix the resin with colors to make it permanently colored and easy to polish.
       We've got an industry-leading Venus-Gusmer chopper gun for spraying polyester resin and fiberglass. We've got several types of fiberglass fabric with different weight, strength, and application properties to use in assorted situations. We do all our work hands-on - paying special attention to eliminate all bubbles, create invisible seams as needed, reinforce areas that may require more strength, etc. Fiberglass is what we do, and we've been doing it well for decades.

       One of the easiest ways to reinforce a fiberglass part, a handy medium for creating a plug or prototype, and a malleable product for building the perfect shim, offset, stand, etc.
       We've got a full set of woodworking tools on hand to allow us to create, assemble, and tear down temporary structures for use during manufacturing a custom or semi-custom part. Wood is a truly excellent tool when combined with the machines and skills needed to bend it to one's will.

       We've got a massive Bridgeport Mill for precisely machining critical parts for the manufacturing process. Having the Bridgeport gives us the ability to fabricate custom metal tools on the fly for efficiently cruising though assembly problems on a new custom job. Who doesn't love to create a specialized tool that perfectly performs the one task it was created to do?

       We've got a wide variety of other tools to help us create the part exactly as needed. We've got a sand-blasting room for prepping or finishing fiberglass and metal. We've got all types of saws and blades for the rough cuts of fabrication and finely tuned edging of trim work. We've got all types of sanders and grinders with different grits and speeds for removing mass material quickly, prepping a surface for bonding, or putting the final shine on the finished part.

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